Abundant Life with Family?

The Abundant Life is fully living… 

life with Excitement, Wonder, Inner Peace and Sharing your happiness with family and friends.

“Real happiness is happiness shared.” (Into the Wild)

Abundant: “Fully sufficient; plentiful; in copious supply; in great quantity; richly supplied.” from wiktionary.org

In short, an abundant life  means a ‘life with no scarcity’.

Someone living such a life will not be afraid of or concerned about experiencing any scarcity in their life.

A person doesn’t have to be super wealthy to enjoy such a life. They could be wealthy or they could be living a simple life with more than enough to enjoy life fully.

The abundance experience is more of an internal way of seeing life, than a measure of how much a person has in life. Even wealthy people have periods in their life where they don’t have much, but they feel that they will soon have enough to do what they want to do in this life.

My sister and her daugher in Greece

My sister and her daugher in Greece

Family life gives us many opportunities to easily share our happiness, first with our family and then with others.

With an Abundant Life we have the personal power to contribute in special ways to our local community and benefit others globally.

The Abundant Life can start now as we grow and mature in our personal understanding.  We can empower the special others in our life to also mature into strong people who can empower those around them.

The Good Life involves the following actions. Actions early in life leading to more mature powerful actions later in life.

(based loosely on Maslow’s hiearchy of needs.)

a) Learning new subjects,  traveling as we understand the world more and grow stronger mentally.

b) Generating more money with less time spent.  Growing our savings and assets to get us through tough times with a strong financial foundation. This allow us to more spend time with family and friends do what the family wants to do and not what you have to do on someone else’s say.

c) Playing and having fun with family and friends as we enjoy life.

d) Enjoying the work we are doing as a way of learning more about the world and increasing our personal power. When enjoying work, we find that our work is a good challenge like playing a good game.

e) Spending time to understand what special skills we have that we love doing.

f) Being thankful for what we have and the growing power we find to do what we love for those we love.

g) Doing what we love to do and become better and stronger in the special skills we were born with.

h) Exercising and proper food so that our body stays strong and free from illness.

i) Appreciating how our parents helped us grow.  Learning from them and others how to empower our children.  Delighting as our children grow into caring and responsibile citizens using their own special skills they were born with.

j) Playing with our children and remembering the feelings of living fully that we had as we were growing as children. Discover fun and games for the entire family.

k) Helping our children study in school and also reviewing and strengthening what we also learned in school.

l) Recognizing the difference in our children and friends and dealing with each in the special way that they need to become stronger.

m) Using our special skills to help those in our family, our friends, our communities to also grow stronger and live more fully.

n) Finding people with similar interests and working with them to create something that benefits the world.

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