Secret to Enjoying Life: Thank You!


Yes! Being thankful for what we have is the easiest and best way to enjoy life.

It’s Thanksgiving in the USA.  A time for being grateful for what we have and enjoying food, enjoying good company and enjoying life.

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Wishing you and your family all the best of Health, Happiness and Thankfulness today and in the coming year.

All the best of success in 2011.



My personal experience and the wisdom of many authors that I have read is that we are more happy and enjoy life when we spend more time being grateful for what we have.

We often spend most of your time thinking about our problems and what we don’t have.  This leaves us worrying and frustrated,  not enjoying life.

We may feel that we don’t have much, but we always have something to be thankful for.   If we compare ourselves to others in our area or around the world, we will find that we have many things and situations for which we can be thankful. We can even be thankful for the wonders of being alive on this amazing planet.

Research my many scientists, personal upliftment /  success coaches and my personal experience have shown that everyday, when we take time to remember our blessings and be grateful, we enjoy life more fully.

One author, Joe Vitale, writes that when he started this exercise, it took him sometime to find anything to be thankful for.  He was quite down at the time, with no job.  Finally he realized that he was thankful for his pencil and the eraser on it.  With these he could write and earn some money.

When I think today of what I am thankful I have a long list. But the important items in the list are: shelter from the cold, food on the table, access to the internet, reasonable health in most of my body, a part time job, a loving wife,
one more day to do something of value to others, others in my life to share with.

“Most human beings have an almost infinite capacity for taking things for granted.”

– Aldous Huxley –

Be aware though, when we take things for granted, they disappear.  Taking something for granted, results in our not feeling gratitude, or even feeling anything for that.  With no feeling the passion in our lives dries up.  A life
without some passion doesn’t lead to happiness or a sense of satisfaction in having lived another day.  With passion we can be happy we have another day to live.

So let’s stop taking for granted and instead start being grateful for what we have to do something for this world.  It is in giving something to your family and the world, that you can feel deep satisfaction with your life, truly enjoying life.


About the Author Kirk Cuthbert

I coach people through social-technological solutions with yoga wisdom to enjoy a wonderful life with their family and career. I spent 24 years in SE Asia, where I learned that powerful family relations help people to survive and thrive there, enjoying life. Also concerned about Rural economic-social Development empowering healthy families.