To Be! Not to Try.


Yoga Wisdom:

Suppose you want to do something and you say, “I will try to  do it.”

If you grant this slackness to yourself, you will  never be successful.

Don’t say, “I’ll try;” say “I will  do!” If you say, “I will try” it may take more than a thousand years to develop the psychology properly – to reach the required standard. So there is no question of trying. The question is of being.

To be, not to try.

Don’t be guided by this psychology, “I will try.”

“No, I won’t try, I will be. I will do starting at this very  moment.”  For a man, for a perfect man, each and every moment is an auspicious moment. Do you follow me?

What you want to do, do starting at this very moment. Don’t give any  prizes to your mind for doing something bad or good. Your  very action is your prize. You must not require any more  prize or any further prize or any additional prize. The  sole action that you did, is itself your prize. Do you  follow me? The action itself is the prize.

{Shrii Shrii Anandamurti, 1979, Valencia, Spain}


What Anandamurti says is clear.

If you think, “I will try to do this project”, it indicates that you are unsure and not confident about doing the project. The use of the word “will”,  means I may “try” tomorrow.  This thinking leads to not getting the project started or not completing the project.

Whey starting a project, think, “I am doing this project to the best of my abilities.  I am doing this project.”  Right now, not tomorrow, start a project that you feel is good and should be done.  Do the project now. This leads to a successful completion of the project. As you do the project every day, you will surely move towards the successful completion of the project.

Starting with small projects and then successfully completing them, builds self-confidence.  With self-confidence you can then be successful in completing bigger projects.

With self-confidence you also enjoy life and enjoy family more.

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About the Author Kirk Cuthbert

I coach people through social-technological solutions with yoga wisdom to enjoy a wonderful life with their family and career. I spent 24 years in SE Asia, where I learned that powerful family relations help people to survive and thrive there, enjoying life. Also concerned about Rural economic-social Development empowering healthy families.

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