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This article from Runway Chef, shows how inspiration and creativity can come in unusual places.

So, here’s the thing. I love Valentine’s Day. I pretty much always have. And not because I always had someone sending me flowers or taking me on dates (I did not). But more because, from an early age, my Mom taught my sister and I to celebrate the day for what it is – a day to recognize and honor love.

We’d read about the history and meaning behind the holiday, we’d bake heart-shaped jam-filled cookies, we’d craft handmade cards, we’d cook themed-dinners, we’d have heart-filled tea parties and we even, sometimes, had a Valentine’s Day tree. My Mom went above and behind to find unique ways for us to make the most of the day.

So, as you can maybe imagine, I’ve never been much of a Valentine’s-Day-dinner-out kinda girl. But a fun activity, a handwritten note or making a delicious dinner at home? I’ll take them all! Luckily, Mr. RC feels the same way.

The other day, I happened to be browsing the Valentine’s Day cards at Target (as one does) and I happened to find the cutest American Greetings cards. They immediately stood out to me with their food themes and cute artwork, and I instantly knew there could not be a more perfect pair of Valentine’s Day cards for Mr. RC. I mean, it’s no secret that we love food almost as much as we love each other. So cards with foodie love messages? I’m all about it!

This year, we’re taking our Valentine’s Day cards to a whole new level. We decided to use the food themes of the American Greetings cards and run with them, creating a whole Valentine’s Day dinner night at home. So that cute little burrito card you see? That inspired a whole skillet burrito DIY situation. And that sweet little sundae card? Well, you guessed it. It inspired our dessert, strawberries + cream ice cream sundaes.

Both recipes are incredibly simple (dinner is made in one pan and dessert has only a handful of ingredients), yet elevated enough to make them feel special. And both recipes are perfect for two cooks in the kitchen. Oh, and did I mention dinner is far more entertaining when the dish is as interactive as building your own burritos? I mean, who needs dinner out when you can be comfortably at home, assembling your dream burrito with your dream guy (or gal)?


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